Michael Effinger

Michael Effinger

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First Name * Michael
Last Name * Effinger
Username * mboogie
Country * USA
City Washington
Nationality American
Languages English


Preferred Tools


Availability: Freelance
Website meffinger.tumblr.com/


I studied Design in college years ago (20 ), I wanted to be a cartoonist and/or an animator. My professors told me that it was a "waste of time and talent". Back then the most you could hope for was to get a job at Disney or Marvel (which would have been GREAT for me). After 3 years of "constructive discouragement" I quit school. I eventually moved to New York City and did everything BUT art (DJ, bartender, stock broker).
One day I saw a movie called "Finding Nemo".....I've been trying to get back into it ever since. Just finished the 3D Animation Program at CDIA Boston University (Washington DC campus). Here I go!